Top New Year's Resolutions - and How You Can Achieve Them

Many of us will be making New Year's Resolutions around this time - and thinking of great ways to stick to them. Despite different lifestyles and interests, most people's resolutions are roughly the same. The top 10 in the UK are:

1. Enjoy life more
2. Lose weight / go on a diet
3. Get fit / start exercising
4. Learn something new
5. Find true love
6. Get a better job
7. Save money
8. Pay off my debts
9. Take a trip
10. Reduce stress
11. Spend more time with family and friends
12. Quit smoking
13. Drink less

We can't help you find true love or  change your job, but kickboxing can achieve can help achieve 5 out of the 10 favourites listed!

Lose weight and get fit: our classes are structured to focus on fitness, strength and flexibility as well as learning techniques. Burning around 600+ calories per class, kickboxing targets all muscle groups for a total-body work out. With a mixture of aerobic and anaerobic exercises, our workouts burn fat during the class, and increase your metabolic rate so you're still burning calories at a higher rate, even after you've stopped exercising!

Learn something new:  there's something fantastic about being able to do a spinning hook kick. Or perfecting your roundhouse kick. Or a turning back fist...there's plenty to learn in kickboxing. With 9 belts before your black belt, and then countless dans afterwards, you can do martial arts for a lifetime and still learn something new. (Sensei Jim is a 3rd Dan)

Reduce stress:  according to the NHS, if you exersice regularly, you can reduce your stress and anxiety levels by up to 40%. Your body creates endorphins after a workout giving you a 'high'...and punching pads after a bad day at the office can't hurt either.

Spend more time with family and friends:  a third of our students attend classes with a friend or family member. More often than not, most being a class by themselves and feel so good afterwards, their friends want to try.

To see if kickboxing can help you stick to your New Years Resolution, visit to book in for a free session.

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