Quick Workouts You Can Do At Home

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10 Minute Workouts

The 10 minute workouts do what they say on the tin: they're a series of quick workouts that you can do anywhere, with no equipment, in 10 minutes. Click here for the full series.

Stay in shape over the holidays, in 4 minutes a day!






Even the most dedicated athletes can lapse over the holidays - plenty of food and drink, coupled with the cold weather and celebrations tend to put work outs on a back burner. which means we gain weight and it's harder to get back into a good routine...read more

5 Simple Exercises to Better Abs

A lot of people complain that, even when they do hundreds of sit-ups a day, they don't have a flat stomach or defined abs. Unfortunately, simply doing sit ups won't give you a flat stomach (in fact, it will develop some parts of it and not others, making the muscles less even). However, these simple exercises, when combined, will exercise all parts of your stomach..Read more 


Push ups 

If you're serious about increasing strength and endurance, push ups are a fantastic way to help. A lot of students have trouble performing press ups when they start, but with consistent training, they're fairly easy to learn...Read more

Push Up Masterclass - 5 Push Ups You Should Add to Your Routine 

We've put together this Push Up Masterclass for those of you doing the Push Up Challenge, and everyone else that just wants to add some variety to their work outs and train different muscle groups. While the basic idea is the same (rest on your hands and feet and lift your own bodyweight), these exercises put more strain on different muscle groups...Read more

7 Exercises to Improve Your Kicks 

A decent kick requires a combination of flexibility, balance and strength. This combination of exercises works on all three to help you kick higher, harder and land safely and ready to throw the next technique...Read more