3 Reasons to Work Out in a Group

When it's as cold and dark as it is now (at 5:20pm...) it's fairly easy to make excuses to stay on a warm, comfy sofa...but our students drag themselves out into the cold to run, jump, punch, kick and generally wear themselves out. Working out in a group has a lot of benefits - the main one being the commitment and motivation to keep going.

1) Commitment and Motivation
It's fairly easy to avoid going to a gym - you just don't go. But when you have a friend waiting for you, or a group of other students who will miss you, you manage to find those reserves of energy you need to get up and work out. A recent survey, commissioned by Diamond, found that 61% of women found it nearly impossible to summon the energy to exercise when doing it alone. However, the same proportion of women said that they would enjoy exercising with a friend, and would push themselves harder if they did.

2) You Push Yourself More
Friendly competition can go a long way, but the benefits of exercising in a group go further than the conscious desire to compete with a friend or group. A recent Oxford study showed that people release more endorphins when they exercise as a group, than when they exercise alone, meaning that you can push yourself harder, for longer.

3) Variety
It's easy to slip into a rut and get bored of the same workouts at the gym, and it can be difficult to keep thinking of ways to change it to ensure that you are always challenging yourself and improving. With kickboxing classes, each class is different and our workouts focus on all areas of the body. You'll improve fitness, stength and flexibility while always learning new things.

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